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Existing Children's Museum

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As I was leading this group of younger designers to update the color scheme for the children's museum it was very important to me to keep the landscape of Florence in my mind.  The Museum is located at the front of Diebert Park in Florence AL.  I wanted to ensure that the museum fit with the park, but was still recognizable as a children's museum.  Due to this, I decided to keep the colors of the museum neutral, but chose one color that would wrap the entire building in a continuous stripe.  This would ensure that it was a creative, fun space, but did not stand out from the entirety of the park.  Additionally, as I was working on the north elevation of the building, which is the main entrance, I was inspired by the two tone stone that I designed. It reminded me of the spots of the giraffe and I wanted to create a giraffe head that would extend out of that stone. It would be a focal point of the entrance and create an adventurous environment for the children.

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Spring 2019







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