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Design & Build

Our makerspace structure is made of readily available materials, so that the structure would be easily made in an environment or climate. The structure is made of wooden posts and cinder blocks. The structure is easy to assemble, and we estimate that the entire structure would take approximately 10 hours to complete, and could be easily done in the correct climate to allow to concrete time to dry.

Our structure was made so as to encourage involvement from the community and to inform about the uses and beauty of our “trash.”. Our main goal in this project was to involve the community in a project that would create beautiful pieces from materials that they would otherwise discard. All of the panels are made from materials that everyday people would throw away in their weekly garbage. All of the designs were made so once the panels are filled with “garbage,” the panel can be removed and placed around the city or town to inform the community and to create beautiful statement pieces.

As we were planning for this project, we wanted to ensure that all age groups would be able to contribute and create art. The beauty of the piece is that no one will feel singled out or as if they are not artistic enough to create art with their community. The beauty of the piece is that there is randomness and originality in every placement and piece. Everyone in the community will have left some piece of themselves in it. We hoped that the entire community would rally around one central purpose and goal. For example, we wanted the surrounding schools to collect materials, and even create their own unique panels themselves. We wanted an environment where families could come one weekend and place materials onto the panel, and then stay for the experience of the panels being filled and interacting with the community. We wanted businesses around the area to provide recyclable containers in their businesses, so that the materials could then be made into art by the community. We envisioned a community coming together around a central goal, regardless of who you are or your artistic abilities.


The versatility of the design is that there are endless possibilities of the panels that can be made and the involvement with the community. Logos could be created into panels, schools art programs could create their own panels with animal, plant, or miscellaneous shapes. Additionally, the number of panels that could be added is endless. As many panels as can be built is limited on the space that it is planned in. For example, as we were creating this designed we envisioned this structure to be placed on the National Mall in Washington DC. This could allow for people all over the country, and all over the world to see that as Americans we care about our environment, our community, and creating beautiful environments. Furthermore, as Washington DC is our nation’s capital, we wanted the space to incorporate some elements from every state in our nation. Therefore, every state could determine how they wanted their state depicted in their panel. For example, Hawaii could have a panel that would create a yellow hibiscus flower, Hawaii’s official state flower. Alabama could create a panel with a rocket for the George C. Marshall Space Flight Center. The nation could easily get involved with a nation wide movement for recycling, while creating art. On a more personal level, states could easily personalize these panels for the different cities and places in their state. Or, for events this is an easy way to entertain and involve the community in a push for recycling, while also creating pieces that could be placed around the city.

Our design would not require a consistent on-site manager, due to the fact that the general public is supposed to come and have the ability to express themselves creatively. There would need to be someone that came by every 2 to 3 days to remove some recyclable materials from the recycling center if needed. Additionally, depending on how long the installation was supposed to be there, someone would need to come and change out the panels once they are complete. Or, if some panels are not popular someone would need to come and change the panels to something that is popular.


This makerspace is versatile and can be accommodated to any environment. Due to the fact that the overall structure is made of wood and cinder blocks it can be adapted to any environment. Additionally, we recommend that our makerspace be placed outdoors, so that the natural light can reflect off the recyclable materials and create a unique aesthetic. However, the structure can easily be moved indoors with the canopies removed.

Panel Elevation A

Our structure overall does not accommodate technology. However, that was part of the beauty of the space that we wanted to show. When the community comes to the area we wanted them to separate from the other parts of their busy lives. We wanted it to be simply a creative space, where the community can come together. Simply, our environment is there for the community to have a giant arts & crafts time without distractions.

The makerspace is created in a way that the art itself is sustainable and is supposed to be a point of pride for the community. All of the materials for the panels are created from what would otherwise be seen as waste. The art is supposed to be a friendly reminder in the community of what happens when the community comes together to protect our environment and inform about recycling.

Our estimated build cost for the overall structure is around $1,000 for creating twelve panels. The panel prices can range from $14-$300 depending on the panel that is chosen and the design that is being incorporated. However, depending on the population of the city, you may want to reduce or increase the number of panels; therefore, adjusting the overall price of the structure. Additionally, as we were planning we wanted local businesses to sponsor a panel with their logo, or something that is special and important to the community. Then, once the panel is completed it could become a statement piece in their office building to further encourage recycling.

Our design was created with the thought that it can be incorporated and made in any community/city across the country or the world. The purpose is to encourage recycling across the county and to have the community think differently about recycling, and that what we would otherwise throw away can be made into a beautiful community masterpiece.





Spring 2019


2019 Design &

Build Competition 

Third Place


This project is being modified as my honors senior project. An update will be posted soon. 



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