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Design & Build

Third place recipient in the Museum of Outdoor Art 2019 Design & Build Competition.  The goal was to design an artistic makerspace in under 500 square feet of internal space.  The result was an inclusive environment that allows anyone to come and explore their creativity.  The panels all use different kinds of recyclable material to create art.  The panels are completely versatile and can  be removed to beautify the surrounding community.  

Tasting Room.jpg

Sustainability Studio

TuscumbiArts was an adaptive reuse project to create a destination for both locals and sightseers.  We wanted to create a space that was one-of-a-kind in Tuscumbia.  Through this goal, a distillery, outdoor bar, gallery, flex space, potential classrooms/offices, art studio, and cafe were created.  The space was supposed to be able to be utilized by everyone, the young and the elderly and everyone in between. Additionally, it was important to ensure that the building could be utilized and be profitable all day.  Tuscumbia, and the surrounding Shoals, are known for their arts, family, and community atmosphere and this space should resemble those ideals.  

Final Conference Room Rendering.jpg

Commercial Studio

Bowsprit was a 20,000 square foot advertisement agency who was working on opening their first west coast office  in San Francisco, CA.  This office will focus on all western United States accounts; as well as, any Pacific Rim country accounts. As I was designing, I wanted to ensure that workstations would have natural light and allow them to look outside the window.  Additionally, I wanted to ensure that there were plenty of meeting and collaboration areas for interdepartmental meetings and departmental collaboration. 

Outdoor Dining Perspective Daisy Bond 20

Hospitality Studio

Small Town Pride was designed to be new local restaurant in the Shoals area. The restaurant would be utilized by the culinary arts department of The University of North Alabama.  As I was creating Small Town Pride, I wanted to create an environment where the people of the Shoals area would want to go and spend their free time. I wanted to create an environment that sparked conversation and excitement in their customers. This restaurant has a bakery, a main dining area, private meeting or party room, and an outdoor dining area. In the outdoor dining area, I envision people going and spending their Friday nights eating and drinking with friends and listening to a local band play. I wanted Small Town Pride to be the main restaurant and social hangout for the Shoals area.

Kitchen 2018-05-03 13575600000.png

Residential Studio

The 2018 National Kitchen and Bath Student Design Competition was a Habitat for Humanity house to be built in Washington, New Jersey.  The house was a one-story new construction build with a $16,000 budget for the kitchen, and a $4,000 budget for the bathroom.  As I was designing this kitchen, I wanted to ensure that everything would be easy to clean and maintain. Additionally, I wanted to ensure that anyone that was cooking or cleaning in the kitchen would be able to see and interact with those in the living room through the cased opening.  Also, I wanted to ensure that no matter the size of the family that would live in  the home that there would be plenty of room for them around the table.  

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